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The holding company manages investments of the Belokon Family.
Assets managed by the holding company are invested into no less than three different business sectors.
Investments in businesses, requiring licenses and permits issued by the state, shall not exceed one third of the managed assets.
Investments in businesses with their main operations within the territory of Latvia and which cannot be re-located to another territory due to the specifics of the particular business shall constitute no less than one third of the managed assets.
One of the investment areas shall be a sphere of social significance and have a high public profile.
Assets managed by the holding company can be invested in all legal businesses, all existing and new enterprises disregarding their current financial situation or other factors, subject to two conditions:
  • potential to generate positive cash flow no later than 3 years after acquisition or the establishing of the business;
  • potential to successfully operate the business without any interference from the holding company no later than 1 year after acquisition or the establishing of the business.
  • Investments shall be made only in businesses, in which the holding company has specialist knowledge.
    The business managed by the holding company shall be put up for sale if the same funds invested into another business shall generate greater profits and if the disposal of the current business does not contravene any of the above stipulations.
    Upon carrying out the evaluation of the business, which is managed by the holding, employees of the company shall be qualified as intangible assets on a compulsory basis.
    Any contravention of any of the mentioned strategies is fully permitted, if that is the intentional decision of the holding’s management. However, absolutely no contravention is admissible, if such violations are a result of negligence or a lack of willingness to think of how to stay within the set strategy framework.
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